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After Builders Cleaning SW3 Chelsea

After Builders Cleaning ChelseaOur company takes pride in offering reliable and high quality after builders cleaning. The years of experience we have in the industry allowed us to perfect all the cleaning solutions we offer.

Once the renovations are finished, you will have to take care of the large amount of dust and dirt left behind. Our cleaners are available in SW3 Chelsea at any time during the week or at the weekends. Trust us to receive professional after builders cleaning at very affordable rates.

After Builders Cleaning in Chelsea
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Builders Cleaners in Chelsea

We assure you that our after builders cleaning will make the rooms ideally cleaned in the fastest possible way. We collaborate with hard working and responsible local cleaners who will come as fast as possible to take care of the after builders cleaning. We expect your phone calls in SW3 Chelsea and we will be happy to provide you with information about all the steps of the cleaning that we plan to provide. We offer convenient working schedules because we want to make you feel fully comfortable.

Here is what you can expect within our after builders cleaning:

  • Professional cleaning of the stains
  • Dedicated and organized cleaners
  • Punctuality in every aspect of the cleaning
  • Eco friendly equipment
  • Flexible schedules for all customers
  • Excellent offers and very reasonable prices
  • Friendly and comprehensive cleaners in SW3
  • Customer support centres available during the whole week

“I have no words to express my gratitude to all your fellows who worked so hard to clean my newly renovated house. I really needed assistance with all the cleaning. You turned out to be very persistent, effective and hard-working. Thanks for your service.” – Colleen

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    After Builders Cleaning SW3

    After Builders Cleaning SW3We guarantee the quality of our after builders cleaning and we promise to take into account all of your requirements. Our after builders cleaning will make your home sparkling clean and shiny in the fastest possible way. For this purpose we use the latest eco friendly equipment that has proven its efficiency.

    Book our outstanding after builders cleaning in Chelsea, London and we assure you that your home will be cleaned with attention to detail. You have the chance to benefit from our excellent offers and fairly honest prices and in case you search for further details, you can use the customer support centres that work from Monday to Sunday.

    After Builders Cleaning Service – what’s included

    The aftermath of a building job may be challenging – a lot of dust and grime will be left behind. Our local after builders cleaning service guarantees that your area is not only habitable, but also clean and sanitised. We take a rigorous approach, inspecting every inch of your home. Our Chelsea after builders service covers the following tasks:

    1. Dust and Debris Removal: All surfaces, furniture, walls, ceilings and other areas will be carefully wiped down, dusted and disinfected. All fine dust and grime residue will be eliminated.
    2. Surface Cleaning: Our local cleaners will address any stains, paint splatters and other impurities found anywhere in the house.
    3. Window and Glass Cleaning: Windows will be cleaned on the inside, including frames and sills.
    4. Fixture Polishing: Light fixtures, electrical outlets, light switches and more will be carefully cleaned with all dust and grime removed.
    5. Cabinetry and Storage Units: All storage units, cabinets, cupboards, shelves, drawers and more will be cleaned and polished inside and out.
    6. Floor Cleaning: Depending on the materials of your floor, special solutions will be used to thoroughly clean them. That step includes vacuuming/sweeping, mopping, stain removal and disinfection.
    7. Kitchen Cleaning: Countertops, furniture, the sink and appliances in the kitchen will be wiped down, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
    8. Bathroom Sanitization: The sink, toilet and other fixtures will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, as well as tile surfaces and grout. No stains or dirt will be left behind.
    9. Duct and Vent Cleaning: Air ducts and filters may become dusty during the construction process. Our professionals will thoroughly clean them and replace them if needed.
    10. Dust Removal: Specialised cleaning technique will be used to collect and eliminate all of the dust. This is one of the key tasks in the after builders cleaning service.
    11. Final Inspection: Once everything has been completed, a thorough inspection of the entire property will take place. We will make sure everything has been taken care of and that the final results are up to your expectations.

    We guarantee that your property will be completely cleaned and sanitised by our cleaning experts. No signs of dust, grime and stains will be left behind and the home will be prepared for your arrival.

    After Builders Cleaning Queries

    What does after builders cleaning mean?

    After builders cleaning is a specialised cleaning service that is meant to repair and refresh a place after building or renovation work has been completed. It entails thoroughly removing construction waste, dust, and residue that collect throughout the construction or remodeling process. This service guarantees that the space is clean, safe, and suitable for occupancy, changing it from a post-construction disaster into a welcoming atmosphere.

    How do you clean-up after construction dust?

    Removing all the dust left behind the construction process is one of the most important tasks included in the service. The complete removal will ensure that your property is immaculate and healthy :

    • Gently removing loose dust from surfaces with microfiber cloths and specialised tools.
    • Using HEPA-filtered high-powered vacuums to collect finer dust particles from floors, carpets, and corners.
    • Damp cleaning cloths are used to wipe off surfaces, effectively trapping any leftover dust.
    • Using air purifiers and ventilation systems to remove dust particles from the air.

    How much does post construction cleaning cost in the UK?

    The price of our after-builders cleaning service may vary depending on the size of the area and the precise cleaning services included. You will receive a free pricing quote from our customer service agents. We provide competitive and honest pricing depending on your specific requirements.

    Can I clean my property by myself after renovation?

    Minor renovations (such as painting a wall) will not result in such a large mess and you will be able to easily clean the property after that. However, any more serious construction projects will require professional care when it comes to cleaning. The fine dust and other construction dirt may cause health issues and prevent you and your family from enjoying your freshly renovated property. Our professionals will work hard and transform your dirty home into a pristine place.