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Sofa Cleaning SW3 Chelsea

Sofa Cleaning ChelseaSofas require regular and proper cleaning to be kept hygienic and spotless. If you want your upholstered pieces of furniture to be maintained clean and look good, use our sofa cleaning services. They are excellent for removing all kinds of blemishes, bad odours and restoring the real colours of your couches.

The cleaning procedures that we apply are carefully chosen for every sofa, depending on its fabric. We provide dry and steam cleaning, done with the help of high-end machines. The sofa cleaning which we provide in SW3 Chelsea is highly effective.

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Sofa Cleaners in Chelsea

You can use our sofa cleaning services for your domestic and commercial property any time in the week. They are implemented by qualified and skilled cleaning technicians with the help of the latest machines and safe for the health detergents.

The sofa cleaning that we offer ensures:

  • Deep cleaning of sofas, made of delicate, natural and synthetic materials
  • Removing of stubborn stains, odours and darkening from sofas
  • Restoring the real colours of the upholstery
  • Refreshing the sofas
  • Excellent cleaning with long-lasting results

The cleaning process starts after initial inspection. Our employees will remove the blemishes and spots left on your sofa using the proper detergents. They will apply dry or steam cleaning depending on the sofa type and condition. Leather and delicate fabrics will be dry cleaned with dry foam or powder and specialised machines. The sofa cleaning in SW3 Chelsea is suitable for all kinds of fabrics.

“Thank you for the great sofa cleaning that you performed after I spilled some coffee on it. This was the cleaning that I needed and you are the best cleaning company for me” – Helen

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    Upholstery Cleaning SW3

    Sofa Cleaning SW3Most sofa types will be sanitised with hot water extraction which is one of the most effective cleaning methods. It is done with the help of steam cleaning machines that work with cleaning solution. The cleaning solution is spread in the sofa fibres and extracted together with the dirt, grime and soiling.

    After completing the cleaning, our staff deodorise the sofas. We are at your disposal in Chelsea London whenever you need professional and effective sofa cleaning. Use our services to maintain your upholstered items clean and impeccable. They are low-cost and done by qualified and professionally-trained cleaning personnel. We work during all days of the week.